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Travel Tips: Work Travel Tips For 2021


Travel has changed since the pandemic. While some tips still hold sway, you may need to consider a few more travel ideas that suit the times we are in.

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Below are some travel tips to consider when travelling for work purposes:

  1. Rest Well Before The Trip

If you are driving, ensure you get plenty of rest before the trip so your energy levels are up. Sleepiness has caused lots of accidents in the past and you don’t want to be a statistic. Also, as a passenger, it is helpful to stay alert during your interstate journey in Nigeria these days. If your trip takes you straight to work, resting well will allow you to be at your best when you arrive at the office. When you know you will sleep during your trip, don’t forget to pack sleep essentials like a neck pillow, earplugs/noise-cancelling headphones, etc. to make your rest more enjoyable.

1. Carry Your Own Items/Equipment

If you are going for a business meeting or a work function, it’s best to have your own gear. Sure, the company you are meeting with can provide some work equipment for you but it will save you hassle to bring yours. Have extra photocopies of documents, digitize your important travel documents and save them to the cloud. Keep the copies of your important documents in your luggage and the originals on your person while travelling for maximum security. If you are driving your own car to travel, there’ll be room to carry items from impress to medical equipment. This way, you won’t have to borrow anything or risk spreading germs.

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2. Include Quarantine Time In Your Travel Plan

Embassies have denied most people visas to the UK recently because they did not include the mandatory 10-14 days self-isolation time required for travellers. So even if you are staying abroad for only a week, including the days for being quarantined when applying for a visa. The same goes for those taking leave from work for vacation. Even if you are going from Edo to Ekiti, include 14 days’ quarantine time, just in case you get sick or suffer from fatigue after your trip. Plan for the worst-case scenario. If you aren’t sick, you could use the extra time to rest, catch up with loved ones or resume work at a leisurely pace.

3. Have Travel & Health Insurance

We cannot overemphasize the importance of having health and travel insurance coverage. Travel insurance sometimes covers both loss/damage of luggage and health-related issues. So if you get sick during your trip or run into any financial crisis, your insurance can cover you or reduce your financial expenditure. Though your health insurance in Nigeria may not cover your out-of-the-country expenses, it comes in handy if you get sick after you return home.

4. Check Regulations Before You Travel

If you are engaging in international or interstate travel this year, check the regulations of your destination before you travel. For instance, in Lagos, they might require you to put on a mask when entering restaurants, indoor game centres or churches. If you are travelling out, confirm the acceptable time between tests or if you need to get tested before departure and upon arrival. Just stay in the know on the up-to-date details of current travel regulations.

Travelling is a great way to de-stress if you have mental health challenges. So don’t put off the need to travel. Don’t overthink it, just do it!

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