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App Of The Week: Union Mobile

Union Mobile is an attempt to enable seamless banking and still have access to all the cool features that make an app worth opening every single day. This app claims stands out among other top-tier banking apps because it is a multi-purpose app which spans some features found on a banking app and other apps. Here are some of its features below:


First, Union Mobile comes with all the features that make banking possible in the comfort of one’s own home. The app enables users to pay bills for electricity, cable, LCC and so on, buy airtime and data bundles, make transfers to both  Union Bank and other banks, view account balance and transaction history, and so on. Aside from these features, Union Mobile also allows you:

Locate ATMs

Union Mobile shows you which ATMs are online and are dispensing cash.

Make Cardless Withdrawals

Union Mobile has a cardless withdrawal policy where users or their beneficiaries can withdraw cash from any of its ATMS without the use of a debit card. This is made possible after users link their credit card details to their profile.

Locate An Agent

Locate An Agent is a feature on Union Mobile that is tailored to cater to SMEs helping them locate an agent within a 5km radius. These agents aid them with withdrawals, deposits, and bank account openings (for new customers). Currently, Union Mobile has over 700 agents stationed in different locations around the country.

Non-Banking Features

  • 24-hour News updates to keep you company.
  • Weather Forecast
  • A deals and coupons platforms

Getting The App

The app is available on Google Play store. Click here to download.

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