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Use Your iPad or iPhone As A TV Remote Control.

A US Technology company, Satechi has developed a ST-URB1 plug and a RemoteBean app that can make your iPhone or iPad useable as a TV remote. The ST-URB1 plug can be put in to the headphone jack of an iPad or iPhone, and the RemoteBean will work as the software that creates the remote features on the screen of the phone. The ST-URB1 device will send out waves that will work with the TV, while the RemoteBean app puts on the interface of the usual remote on the phone screen.

The app is available on iTunes store and the device is available for $25 on Satechi’s website. Satechi makes several technology accessories, and it will be seen, if users will popularly embrace the remote technology, or stick with the manufacturer’s remote, leaving their smart device for its traditional use.


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