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Video Of The Week: How To Start And Grow Your YouTube Channel In 2021


Social media has made it easy to stay connected with the world at large just by clicking a button. What’s hard, however, is building a tribe of loyal followers by being engaging and providing relevant content. This appears more intimidating when it comes to a platform like YouTube.

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Not only is YouTube one of the most competitive platforms for content creators, but it also requires considerable effort to create and upload content. However, many African content creators are proving that it’s possible to build a brand on YouTube and make money while doing so.

This was hardly the case a few years back given the complexities of gaining exposure as an African brand. Interestingly, several African YouTubers have emerged in recent times and have enjoyed fast growth on YouTube.

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One of such Youtubers is Jessica OS, a voice-over artist, broadcaster, and content creator. In our video of the weeks, Jessica shares steps she followed to grow her Youtube channel in one year.

Watch the video below.


Featured Image Source: Jessica Os – YouTube

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