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Video Of The Week: Selling With Stories|Story-Selling Strategies That Work

Every brand should have a story to tell. Stories have the capacity to move an audience and build their connection to a brand. However, it is one thing to have a story to tell and it is another to tell it in a way that it captures the attention of your audience and spurs them to engage with your brand. 

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Story-telling is an important skill to learn and can be applied in any field or industry. Industry leaders such as Indomie, MTN, DSTV, and Apple, are proof of the efficacy of selling with stories. These businesses stand out from the pack because they have succeeded in humanising their brands and building a community of people who connect with them. 

Our video of the week by Peace Itimi helps you understand the concept of story-telling and how you can build a story-driven brand today. Peace Itimi is a Youtuber and a content creator who is passionate about growing people and businesses. 

Watch the video below:

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My name is Samuel Okoruwa. I am an ardent researcher, reading is life and writing is fun.

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