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Website Review: Cregital

Cregital is a creative digital agency from Lagos, Nigeria. I think the first thing you would notice about the site is its simplicity yet absolute creativity. If there is one thing this site proves, it is the fact that less is actually more. Cregital, originally Evans Akanno Creative Design Agency, was founded in 2011 by Evans Akanno, a freelance designer. After working with the top e-commerce companies in Nigeria, he found a passion to serve more brands with the knowledge gained in design and digital marketing. With the company’s success, it became necessary to rebrand to accommodate its growing capabilities.

Getting to the home page, the site provides brief information about Cregital and some of its clients. From the home, you have an option to visit several pages i.e the “About”, “Work,” “Services,” “Blog” and the “Contact” page.

On the “About” page, Cregital did an excellent job in providing short, on point details about the faces behind the company, its history and how they help companies tell their stories. And yes, you get to see beautiful pictures of the whole Cregital team (awesome right?).

Moving on to the “Work” page, you will find some of the list of works done for certain clients and brief history on each of those projects.

On the “Services” page, you will find in detail what Cregital does and all the processes involved in getting all their projects done. Then there is the “Blog” page, where you will find several articles written by the Cregital team, interviews and other articles published on several platforms by other blogs about them.

Finally, you have the “Contact” page. Here, you do not only have a phone number and contact email, but the Cregital team actually created a form for all inquiries and partnerships.

Did I mention that while switching from one page to the other, rather than encountering a blank page while loading, you get to see the Cregital logo blinking and in few seconds you are on the next page?

All in all, the site is unique, simple, classy and informative. It loads super fast and you can get every basic information you need about the company and then an opportunity to fill the form to get even more information regarding what they do.

No glitch whatsoever and for some reason (thank God), there were no ads popping at my face while on the page. There is something about the site that gives you the confidence and trust that the Cregital team not only knows what it’s doing but has come to stay.

Visit them today on and share your experience with us.


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