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Website Review:

Despite the availability of e-commerce sites all over Nigeria, I’m sure it can still be quite taxing for a lot of students, who are entrepreneurs in their schools, to reach out to a larger audience outside their immediate circle. provides a solution to this through its platform that caters to the unique needs of students. is a student-centered classifieds website with an online magazine. The classifieds section of the website enables you to sell your stuff easily on campus whether it is new, used or refurbished. You can easily sell off your phone, laptop, fridge, television, your room (or bed space) and so on.

You can also buy anything you need right there in your school without stress. Register any form of service you render on or around campus, be it catering services, laundry services, special tutorials and so on. The registration is not limited to students; other individuals and organizations can also register.

They also make available cab services so whenever you need a cab, just look up cab services in your school.

The site gives you access to information relevant to students such as internship opportunities, scholarships and all other educational related information.

The platform is fully responsive, user-friendly and equipped with state-of-the art security features to ensure that your details uploaded for transactions are completely secure.

There’s also a Report Ad feature included, to enable users report all suspicious Ads while the Vasity team looks into it.

I believe every Nigerian student should check out this website. Don’t forget to give us a feedback in the comment section below.



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