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Wellness: 6 Foods That Improve Thyroid Function


Poor thyroid function results in worrisome symptoms such as fatigue, constipation, irregular heartbeats, and other health problems. Thankfully, eating the right foods can help to improve thyroid function.

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Here are 6-nutrient rich and thyroid-supporting foods to add to your diet


Nuts such as cashews, pumpkin seeds, and almonds benefit the thyroid in a number of ways. First, they are a good source of iron, one of the most essential nutrients for thyroid function. They’re also rich in selenium, a mineral that helps protect the thyroid from oxidative stress.

Whole Grains

Whole-grain foods such as pasta, cereal, bread, and pasta can help alleviate constipation which is a symptom of hypothyroidism. These foods aid in bowel regularity due to their high amounts of fibre.


Not only is beans an inexpensive food option, but it is also a great source for sustained energy. Beans is good for people who struggle with lethargy due to hypothyroidism. It is also high in fibre, which is helpful if you experience constipation, a common symptom of hypothyroidism

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Avocados are rich in potassium and monounsaturated fats, nutrients that help regulate blood sugar. These nutrients also provide the thyroid with energy to function at optimal levels.

Liver And Organ Meats

Organ meats are abundant in nutrients that are beneficial to the thyroid. The liver, in particular, is considered to be great food for the thyroid. It contains vitamin A, a nutrient that facilitates thyroid hormone metabolism and decreases the production of thyroid-stimulating hormone.


Fish, shrimps, and salmon are great sources of iodine. While iodine is essential for a healthy thyroid, it’s important to limit the amount you consume. Avoid large amounts of iodine-rich foods, as this can lead to iodine-induced hyperthyroidism.

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